Let’s get started!

Hey ladies (and gentlemen)!

The idea for this site began years ago when I visited several friends’ new homes and noticed a peculiar pattern. Throughout the house, artwork, wedding portraits, posters and shelves were leaning against walls waiting to be hung. One friend confessed she was waiting for her husband to get around to it, another was waiting on her father.

I was incredulous that seemingly independent women were waiting for someone else to tackle (what I considered) rather simple projects instead of doing it themselves.

A lot of my experience has come from trial and error, from researching and talking to folks who know their stuff. I’m no expert and I’ve made many mistakes along the way. But I’ve always been curious to know how things work and how things are constructed, so I get excited when I conquer a project or learn something new.

I hope that by sharing thoughts on topics I get asked about most often, others might be inspired to tackle a daunting project, pick up a hammer or step outside their comfort zone.

Now let’s do this!